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State v. Fox - A Look Back

CLS inherits a rich legacy of farmworker justice in our state: State v. Fox was a pivotal case that established the right of advocates to enter rural labor camps to support and educate farmworkers in their struggle for dignity and opportunity. More

Sandra Saucedo
Farmworkers Win Against Gunslinging Foreman

Sandra Saucedo lost her job for calling the police when her supervisor started firing his gun to intimidate workers. Learn how she and other farmworkers courageously stood up for their rights. More

Homeless Student with Backpack
Student Homelessness Rising

More than 30,000 students are homeless in Washington State. That’s approximately 1 in 34 students, according to an analysis by the Children and Youth Project. Student homelessness is on the rise, with no corner of Washington left untouched. More

Modern Day Debtors' Prisons

Washington courts are locking up people for being poor. A report by CLS and the ACLU of Washington describes how the burden of court-mandated fines and fees leads to poverty, and frequently, jail time. More

Ensuring Access to Healthcare for Low-Income Immigrants

Washington hospitals were improperly denying immigrants access to "charity care," a crucial safety net for the working poor. Our advocacy reversed discriminatory billing practices and empowered immigrant families to escape crushing medical debts. More



Second Chances: A criminal record can be a barrier to finding a job and a place to live long after serving time. The reentry clinics and legislative advocacy of the Institutions Project improve opportunities for people reentering their communities after incarceration. More.


1979-1982: After years of inhumane conditions and escalating violence in Washington's largest prison, our advocacy resulted in a ban on torturous isolation cells, improved medical care, and reduced violence and guard brutality at the State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. More