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H-2A Farm Workers Sue Larson Orchards and Labor Contractors for Retaliation

After Larson Orchards Management, Inc. violated a written agreement and retaliated, 17 H-2A farm workersfiled a lawsuit through their union. More...

Students Experiencing Homelessness Have the Right to an Education

Columbia Legal Services created this Know Your Rights toolkit for SchoolHouse Washington. It provides school-aged students who are considered homeless with valuable information and resources on the education rights. More...

Class Action Filed Against Munger Brothers and Sarbanand Farms

H-2A farmworkers who were employed by Sarbanand Farms last year filed an employment rights class action against Sarbanand and its parent company, Munger Bros., alleging violations of the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act through a pattern of threats and intimidation.  More...

2018 Washington Legislative Priorities

We stand with families, workers, and consumers to urge legislators to protect low-income Washingtonians and create opportunities for them to thrive. More


King County Signs an Executive Order to Remove Youth Housed At RJC

Executive Order signed less than two weeks after concerned parents filed suit against King County for placing children in solitary confinement for weeks and months at a time at Maleng Regional Justice Center (RJC). More...

Access Denied

Read our new report revealing how hospitals in Washington State are not meeting legal requirements to provide free or reduced cost of care to thousands of eligible patients most in need. More.



Fair Access to Hospital Care: The cost of medical services, especially during emergencies, shouldn’t prohibit people from seeking hospital care. CLS, working closely with patients and allies, is working to help break down barriers to affordable hospital care so all families can thrive. More


For more than 35 years, the Institutions Project has advocated for our state's most powerless residents. Addressing issues of cruelty, neglect, and safety in prisons, juvenile institutions, mental health facilities, and other places of confinement, our work has curbed abuses and improved post-release outcomes. More